Calling all lovers of plants and DIY. I confess that I am a disaster with plants and that is why I am considering entering the wonderful world of paper plants. They can not die, dry or attract insects … they are all advantages! Also, they look amazing if you’re a true paper artist, as is the case with Corrie Hogg.

Corrie Hogg’s book is simply wonderful. Even if you’re not interested in taking the time (and trust me, you’ll need a lot of time) to create a handmade indoor plant, the book deserves a look through the beautiful full-color photos of the art created by Hogg. Handmade Houseplants is a practical guide that is worth having in our house, with easy instructions to decipher, even for the most challenging from the artistic point of view.

Corrie Hogg’s book gives you a very detailed list of the supplies you might need, including a small hand drill and paper mache tools. Perfect!. Do you dare to create your immortal plant? Let’s do it!


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