I do not know about you, but there are people who even the cactus die in their hands, people who do not have the gift to take care of plants so these DIY are perfect to have a green touch in the decoration of their home with a modern and minimal point that we liked a lot.


DIY Paper plants

I’ve been wanting to create some paper plants for my house for ages now. You see, as much as I try and green thumb my way into cultivating gorgeous indoor plants, they just don’t feel the same way about me and I’m left with a botanical cemetary. So, I decided that the best alternative would be to create them myself with plants that don’t rely on constant watering and fertilizer.


DIY paper squash vine

I fell in love with squash and cucumber vines during the summer I spent on the farm, I love their large, deeply folded, vibrant green leaves and curly tendrils! It’s a shame the leaves fade and wilt as the fruit starts to mature. So, why not suspend that special moment in time with paper?


Paper Chinese Money Plant DIY

Paper Chinese money plant, perfect for a dark corner or for those of us with black thumbs. Follow this easy tutorial for quick results.


How to make paper succulent

This is the step by step tutorial to make paper Succulent, with the free templates as usual. But today I’ll try to make SVG template files.


DIY Cactus de papel

If you wanted to start giving a touch of green to your houses but you did not animate for fear that your plants would not survive while you were going on vacation, here is the solution. These cactus do not need watering, just a little love and loving looks from time to time.


DIY Cactus Plants

There is something about the beauty of cactus, whether they are in the desert as you drive past them on the open road or when you’re shopping your local garden center and see those cute little cacti begging for you to take them home, they are beautiful plants.


DIY Paper Cactus and Grasses

See how to make DIY Paper Cactus plants and Grasses you could ever want! And the best part is you don’t even need to have a green thumb to do it!


DIY Paper Monstera Leaves

Today, I’m trading in maple leaves for monstera. I used this same leaf pattern for this summer picnic blanket and today they’re getting an autumn-worthy makeover.





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