Neverland can be a fun idea to celebrate a party with children. The world of Campanilla, Captain Hook, Wendy, his brothers and lost children can be a source of inspiration for your Peter Pan themed party.

You can give a protagonist role to children according to their role in the party or organize a draw of characters. On this occasion there will be no losers. Both Peter Pan and Wendy’s team and Garfio’s team and their evil pirates will enjoy it as well.

If you want ideas for a perfect party in Neverland, take a look at these photos of Catch my party.


Neverland First Birthday Party

The idea for this Neverland party came about when we loved the (at the time) trending Wild One themes and the boho picnic parties. We wanted to create something a little different that still utilized some of the same characteristics such as the tepees and picnic tables.

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