I love DIY especially when they are simple to make, so we can do with the help of children and, especially, if at the same time allow us to give a renewed and original touch to any of the rooms of our home.

In this DIY we will decorate a basket with pom poms. On the one hand, we give a more fun and cheerful look to the basket, making it a more attractive decorative object and keeping all its interest at a functional level for storage.

As for the materials needed for the project, in addition to the basket, we will need colored yarn for the pom poms. No need to buy new yarn, we can take advantage of the yarn that we have left over from other DIY. There are different ways of making the pompoms, they do not have to be all the same size, in fact it will be fun to mix.

After we have them ready we just have to stick them in the basket in the place we want and we will have ready our storage element as useful as decorative for the bathroom or for the bedroom. What do you think of the idea?

DIY Yarn Pom Pom Basket

Upgrade a simple thrifted or outdated wicker basket this summer with a fun and flirty facade. Add a crafty touch with colorful oversized yarn pom poms on the front of your boring old basket! Pick a bright colors perfect for summer or go with a monochromatic theme that will work all year long.


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