When winter is over and spring comes, one of the closest parties is Easter. Therefore, you can change or give a different touch to the decoration with a style of this time of year.

A decorative edible Easter tree

Trees and ornaments don’t have to be reserved just for Christmas. Whether placed on the dining table or in the kitchen, everyone will want to eat one of these “Easter tree” cookie decorations.

How to Create an Edible Easter Egg Tree

Yesterday I shared our complete Easter Dessert Table, and today I wanted to provide the how to’s for my sugar cookie easter egg tree. Now, if I’m being completely honest, and only because of time and travel, I did not make the gorgeous cookies you see hanging here.

Decorate with tulips!

A super simple DIY idea for your table this Easter? Decorate the vase of tulips with a paper doilies and twine. Do not you think that the combination of these colors is spectacular?

How to Create an Easy Spring Centerpiece {On the Cheap}

You just can’t help but smile at bright yellow and white tulips. These beautiful tulips actually came from my local Ralphs grocery store! I divided three bouquets between two mason jars that I’d wrapped with paper doilies and twine.

Carrots, main characters

You don’t need to know how beneficial the nutrients of carrots are to prove that this table is simply adorable!

Spring-Inspired Easter Tablescape and Carrot Centerpiece

In the spirit of this wonderful new season, I created a Spring-Inspired Easter Tablescape that will make guests feel like they’re right in your garden!

Painted Easter eggs

If you use painted wooden eggs for your centerpiece, you will be able to use it at Easter without any danger that it will break every year and you will not need additional work!

DIY Robin Blue Painted Easter Eggs

I love Easter. Maybe its the pastel colors or the abundance of candy and chocolate. Either way I love to decorate, entertain and eat too much around this holiday… This beautiful yet easy DIY table decor would be perfect for your Easter brunch or party table or decor around the home this time of year!

Candy shaped beans, the star piece

If you use candies in pastel colors, you will make your vase of roses look much sweeter.

How to make a Layered Candy Filled Vase with Flowers

this post is part of my appointment as a Jelly Belly brand ambassador but all opinions and photos are my own. since mother’s day is just around the corner, i thought it would be fun to show you how i make layered candy filled vases with flowers so you can upgrade your traditional flower vase …

An Easter picnic

If you want to celebrate Easter and the arrival of spring in the garden, place a wooden picnic table with freshly cut flowers, a tableware in pastel colors and some DIY candle holders.

Spring pastel tablesetting

Yesterday I showed how to make the paper tulip centerpiece and I thought I’d provide an idea on how to display it in a beautiful setting for your spring celebration, whether it be your outdoor Easter dinner or Mother’s Day brunch. Wouldn’t pastels be so lovely?

Monochromatic elegance

If you want to give a sophisticated and delicate touch, place glass vases on cake pedestals and fill them with Easter eggs and white tulips.

Easter Table Setting

Easter Tablescape with eggs & tulips.

Napkins in the shape of bunnies

To decorate the children’s table, use napkins and give them a bunny shape. The problem? They are always too cute to be used!

Easter Bunny Napkins

Complete your Easter brunch table setting with these adorable and easy to make Easter Bunny Napkins. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to fold your paper napkins into cute little bunnies that your guest will love.


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