With the arrival of spring and the explosion of color everywhere, I have compiled a collection of 6 DIY very colorful and totally essential. Do we get down to work?

Decorative letters

The letters with lights are one of the decorative tendencies that we can most like when decorating the walls of our house. We can buy them, but they usually have a high price … How about a DIY to get some?

Marquee Letter Sign

I have to say, now that it gets dark at 4:30 everyday, it is quite lovely to have β€œDIY” light up this side of the studio. Check out the steps and supplies after the break…

Neon chairs

Another refreshing idea for this spring and / or summer, and also, an easy way to renew our chairs, can be to paint them in colors. So, we give them a special touch with a fairly tight budget. Fancy, right?

” Neon Ombre Chairs

I bought these Ikea chairs without a real plan on how and where to use them. They are patio chairs, but I don’t currently have a patio, so they have been living in I Spy DIY Studio, being used as extra seating during classes.

Pom pom sandals

Sometimes, giving a new look to sandals is as simple as they show us in this DIY. What do we have to do? So just stick some pom poms to the strips, and voila:Β  Boho sandals in 3 minutes. Good idea!

Lace-up Pom Pom Sandals

Now that your beach bag is decked out in tassels, it’s time to give your sandals a little colorful upgrade with pom poms! Today was one of the first 70 degree days that I’ve seen in a while, and now I am finally beginning to believe Summer is on the way.

Napkins dyed with watercolor

Do you dare to dye some white napkins with watercolors?
It can be as simple as folding napkins, wetting them in watercolors, coloring them on both sides, and letting them dry. We will get a casual style very trend.

Tie-Dyed Watercolor Napkins

This project is super quick and easy, the results are so pretty, and these napkin can be used for all your Spring dinner parties.

Edible cactus

Here we just have to have the ingredients, but otherwise, they are very simple …
The truth is that I imagine a party with this type of candy, and it would be a triumph. Cactus and succulents are a trend, and these are edible … a delight!

Chocolate Cactus Lollipop

Lets start the Cinco de Mayo fiesta! I thought is was only fitting that we celebrate the Mexican holiday with some cactus shaped sweets. Alexis, from Yield Bakehouse, whipped these up in a matter of minutes, and I think that are the absolute cutest. They are guaranteed hit for any party you are going to. Added bonus, pile up chocolate rocks in a pail to perfectly display your treat.

Soap letters

Make aromatic soapies with different textures and colors. The soaps are already a classic when the good weather begins, and also a classic of the DIY. We do not like them less, do we? There are so many varieties of soaps, textures, ingredients, molds … that the possibilities are endless. We tried ???

DIY Gold Leaf Colour Block Letter Soaps | Fall For DIY

It’s been some time since my first ever soap DIY. My Semi Precious Stone Soaps have been making the rounds on the Internet with all sorts of variations so I thought it was about time to give you something new to try out! These DIY Gold Leaf Colour Block Letter Soaps are so much fun!

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