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DIY beauty

Clouds and drops to decorate a baby shower

This Baby Shower of clouds and water droplets has enchanted me. The decoration is original, sweet and colorful. The clouds have been represented with white balloons and the drops of water are tears of honeycomb.

6 essential and very colorful DIY

With the arrival of spring and the explosion of color everywhere, I have compiled a collection of 6 DIY very colorful and totally essential. Do we get down to work?

Custom plates with fabric

To serve any appetizer or to give a touch to the center of the table, I adore this DIY where dishes are decorated with fabric. Easy, fast and simple!

Basket decorated with colorful pom poms

In this DIY we will decorate a basket with pom poms. On the one hand, we give a more fun and cheerful look to the basket, making it a more attractive decorative object and keeping all its interest at a functional level for storage.

Celebrating birthdays in Neverland

Neverland can be a fun idea to celebrate a party with children. The world of Campanilla, Captain Hook, Wendy, his brothers and lost children can be a source of inspiration for your Peter Pan themed party.

DIY paper plants

These DIY are perfect to have a green touch in the decoration of their home with a modern and minimal point that we liked a lot.